Heartbreaker (Literally)

In 2007-08, when I was pregnant with Christopher, someone recommended I tape the heartbeat during a doctor appointment. I found an old school tape recorder, taped a few minutes of his sweet little heartbeat and listened to it over and over.

I used the available space on the same tape a few years later when I was pregnant with Emmy. I have kept the recorder in my night stand and occasionally listen to their little hearts flutter in my tummy.

Today, while snooping through my drawers, my nosey Emmy found the tape recorder and gave it to her brother. I heard Chris say “What does this button do?” And went after him.

What was once a sweet heartbeat & a conversation between two nervous parents to be has now been replaced with me (in a totally bitchy tone) yelling: “Chris, stop! Give me that NOW! What are you doing? That is your heartbeat! Stop. Now. Aaah!”

On the bright side, the entire tape is not ruined & now there’s a few moments of heartbeat and then what it’s like to parent two small children…


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One Response to Heartbreaker (Literally)

  1. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    What a sweet story (that you recorded that) and what a relief to read the ending……Plus you have two healthy very happy babies that are absolute geniuses at pushing buttons to make things work. Chris–the IPad, Emmy–calling me 4-5 times a day to “talk” So those little heartbeats turned into busy babies!!!

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