We went took the kiddos to the Super Bowl 46 NFL Experience event downtown yesterday (it was cool, but very crowded). While there, we waited for just over 30 minutes to do the “40 Yard Dash” running event. When it was finally his turn to race like a real football player, Christopher eagerly lined up next to his Daddy and Grandpa. However, when the announcer said “GO!” the big guys felt their competitive blood start to flow and went at full speed, leaving Christopher in the dust.

You know this went over well for a three year old. Needless to say, we had several race “do-overs” in the hallway of the convention center.

Watch the video below to see the little guy throw himself to the ground in defeat, then run off mad…

Event Video at NFL Experience Super Bowl XLVI on Jan 29, 2012.

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2 Responses to Competition

  1. Barbara says:

    I feel so sorry for Christopher!! Poor little guy, however, the video is hilarious, especially when Christopher runs off mad. So funny they got so into the race and forgot all about Christopher who was doing pretty well until he fell. I was laughing out loud watching this. Poor Margie looked like a pack mule carrying all that stuff. I didn’t even recognize her, she was under all everyone’s coats, etc.

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Painful reflections continue….

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