Boys Vs. Girls

I took Emmy to my mom’s house on Saturday for a little Miss America party. While we were doing this:


Johnny was home with Christopher, football, and beer. Christopher’s friend Easton was also here, and when the daddies put the boys to bed, they found a set of dry erase markers and did this:


After some investigation (and a threatened call to Santa Claus – he still holds quite a bit of post Christmas power), I learned that Easton had the black marker, Christopher the red. Apparently this conversation went like this:

Easton: “Chris, are we allowed to color on your walls?”
Chris: “Um, yeah!”

Then they drew the night away (with only a dim nightlight to guide them).


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One Response to Boys Vs. Girls

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    I’m sure that Uncle Brian will like the decorating.

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