Working Out with a Superhero

I couldn’t make it to the gym today (really, after yesterday I had no desire to fight the New Years resolution crowd) – so I decided to do a mini workout here.

After doing the first part of my work out, I stood up and saw Spiderman had taken my spot. After the webslinger took over, a bigger Spiderman wanted to work out his abs. Then a baby girl stole the show. This gym needs a better system with machine sharing.

I guess I still have a crowd to deal with, today’s crowd is just cuter. And they also don’t let me quietly read while working out.





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One Response to Working Out with a Superhero

  1. Barbara says:

    There is no way you can work out when Spiderman takes your place!! Looks like everyone is working out except mama!! How cute is he in his spiderman jammies and a MASK!!! Looks very real. At least you know there is a superhero near by if you need to be rescued.

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