Sneaky, Sneaky…


We went to visit our friends last night. We ordered pizzas, fed the kiddos, and let them run around.

After dinner, I took Emmy out of her high chair and set her on the ground. I was immediately distracted, but knew something was weird when I saw Emmy quietly standing in the same spot for almost a full minute.

Emmy just doesn’t stand still. Or stay quiet.

So I tiptoed over to her and looked at her pretty little face. She had grabbed a leftover slice from Easton’s plate, and was holding the piece with both hands up to her mouth. Nevermind that she just had her own dinner, she was devouring his piece with a gleeful fury. Pizza sauce stuck to her chubby dimpled cheeks. After a few bites, she ended up ripping the slice in half and started furiously taking eating from both hands. That’s my girl!

And yes, I wish I had gotten a picture – but it was too fast and too messy to catch anything on film.


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