The Cute Things They Say


Here are a couple of cute things Christopher has said recently:

“Chris! Grandma is on the phone, would you like to talk to her?”

Chris runs out of his room, toy in his hand and gives me a serious look. “You know, I would LOVE to, but just not right NOW.”

“Daddy, what is champagne?”

“Champagne? Well, that is a special drink that you enjoy on your birthday or a holiday…”

Chris interrupts and, in the same tone, says: “Or on a Sunday, or a Monday…” he’s a smart boy, he knows that Mama doesn’t need a silly thing like a “special occasion” to enjoy the bubbly.

Here are a couple of cute things that Emmy has said recently:

“Ellllllllllmmmmooooooo.” (Translation: “Elmo.”)

“Ow.” She is constantly falling on the ground, standing up, tapping herself on her head and saying “ow.” Then she laughs and runs in the other direction.

Ok, that is all the cuteness for now!

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One Response to The Cute Things They Say

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    I think that they’ve already discovered the joy of making other people laugh. I’m sure that all of their teachers will treasure this particular gift.

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