Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago we braved the cold to have a family photo taken. Johnny and I happen to be some of the least photogenic people in the world, one of us always has two chins or closed eyes, hair in the face or something in our teeth.  This year was going to be our year.

Too bad it was raining. And freezing cold. And Christopher was in a mood that can only be described as “Acting like a three year old.” Emmy took her fingernails to her forehead, nose and ear. Christopher fell days before and hit his chin on the kitchen table. But we were NOT going to give up – this was going to be OUR YEAR.

PLEEEEEASE smile? Please?

Johnny looks so happy, Chris wild, Em confused...

Showcasing her head, nose and inside of the ear scratches

In the end, we got a (lot of) photos we love – but here is my favorite one:

Hiding from the rain under the shelter!


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