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Sitting in the sunshine, eating delicious local fare, watching waves slowly roll over the sandy beach that is our backyard. Baby girl is snoozing, little boy is sitting next to me happily playing with his toys. Listening to Jack Johnson, … Continue reading

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Interview with a Three Year Old

I never want to forget all the weirdo, silly, goofy things in Christopher’s little brain, so I did a quick interview with him. Below are the answers to this in depth interview. What do you think of your sister? Good. … Continue reading

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I feel like every time I look at Emmy she: 1) has a new tooth 2) has a new bump or bruise from all the falling down she does 3) has a new word she sweetly says over and over … Continue reading

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The Cute Things They Say

Here are a couple of cute things Christopher has said recently: “Chris! Grandma is on the phone, would you like to talk to her?” Chris runs out of his room, toy in his hand and gives me a serious look. … Continue reading

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Kids can be overly honest sometimes and are quick to point out if something is wrong with the way you look (I clearly remember a day over a decade ago when my then three year old cousin sweetly asked me … Continue reading

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It’s A Colorful Life

For the last month or so every time I hand Emmy a crayon and piece of paper she throws the paper on the ground and sticks the crayon in her mouth. Today was a big day – she actually put … Continue reading

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Surprise Surprise

After a quick trip to Target, I was sitting in the car in our garage explaining gift giving to Christopher. “Chris, you bought Daddy a wallet for Christmas. But it is a secret, and we want to surprise him, so … Continue reading

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