Happy First Birthday!

Emmy is ONE and I can not believe it.  Here are a few pictures to showcase her old age (in true Emmy form, she has a scratch on her nose and head, and a bruise right between her eyes):

Just so I never forget, here are a few quick details about Em as a silly little 12 month old:

  • Emmy thinks “No!” is a funny word.  The louder I say it, the harder she giggles.
  • Emmy’s favorite activity is knocking down Christopher’s carefully lined up toys.
  • Em will eat any food placed in front of her EXCEPT for green beans. If you put them in front of her, she will immediately pick them up one at a time and throw them on the ground.
  • She laughs every time she toots (it could also be because I sing “Toot, toot, from your boot – you let a toot toot toot toot from your boot!” every time she toots).
  • Em likes to sing when she wakes up, so every morning I wake up to the sweet sound of a happy baby softly singing.
  • She hates headbands and hats of any kind. Her hatred for hair accessories runs deep too – she got two baby dolls for her birthday, and she can’t properly start her day until she rips the hat off one baby and the bow off the other.
  • She has heard “Happy Birthday!” a lot over the past few days, and now immediately claps if anyone says it to her.

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