Big Girl


My little baby girl will be ONE in a week.

As everyone says when their child turns a year older; “Wait, wait, wait, when and how did this happen?” I feel like I just got the hang of the multiple kids thing and now she goes and turns into a big girl? No fair.

As much as I am happy to watch her grow and learn, I am sad to see her leave behind her “infant” days – so below I have compiled a list of what I will, and won’t, miss about having a baby.*

Won’t Miss: Buying Formula.

Will Miss: Emmy walked early (Nine months old!). When people are shocked to see such a tiny little lady walk so well, I swell up with pride like I actually had something to do with her early walking.  Soon, everyone her age will be walking and she won’t be a stand out walker.

Won’t Miss: That nine month period of time when she didn’t sleep through the night.

Will Miss: Babies, especially pretty smiley girls in tutus, make people really happy. Toddlers, even the pretty smiley girls in tutus, usually make people a little anxious (“She’s going to fall!” “She won’t stop smothering my baby with hugs and kisses!” “Stop. No. Stop. No. Is it hot in here?”).

Won’t Miss: Not having words. When something is wrong, I want to actually know what the real issue is, not just try to decipher familiar grunting noises. (“Oh, that is her sleepy grunt.” “Op, that grunt means it is time for lunch!”)

Will Miss: Little itty bitty teeny tiny clothes. Nothing brings me joy like a tiny pink onesie – and I am a total goner if feet are attached.

Won’t Miss: Emmy has the physical ability of a three year old (thanks Christopher!), but the sense of a baby.

Will Miss: Feeding her bottles (even though the contents seem to cost more than a car payment…)

*I know that 12 months is still a baby, and she will always be MY baby, but she is technically now a “toddler.”

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2 Responses to Big Girl

  1. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    Let’s see…You are 30, right, and I STILL consider you as my baby!!!! That feeling will never go away.

  2. ashley says:

    I can’t believe it! Seriously, where does time go? Enjoy the celebrations… She is a precious little girl! Miss you…

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