When Dad Says No


“Chris, do you want to go grocery shopping with me?”

“Yay Daddy – can I get a treat?!”

“Chris, you can’t get a treat every single time you go to the store. I just want to make sure you know that, ok? Ok?”

“Yeah, ok Daddy.”

50 minutes later, Chris comes bursting in through the garage door squealing with delight.

“Hey Mom, whaddya know – I got fruit snacks!” And he pulls out a giant box of fruit snacks.

Holding an orange bag, he smirked as he said: “And I got Doritos for you…”

“Oh thank you baby, you shouldn’t have.”

Then he chased Johnny into the kitchen gleefully saying, “Daddy can I have one of those donuts?”

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A family of four, sharing the random day to day stuff...
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