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When Dad Says No

“Chris, do you want to go grocery shopping with me?” “Yay Daddy – can I get a treat?!” “Chris, you can’t get a treat every single time you go to the store. I just want to make sure you know … Continue reading

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Kid Talk

I’m currently watching two kiddos and listening in on the conversation. They are all be so sweet & happy that I have time to sit next to them and type this up (note the picture above, this was after several … Continue reading

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I love family – especially now that I have my babies. Family swears they heard your nine month old put together two word sentences (“Hi Dada!”). Even though that is a virtual impossibility, it is nice to know you have … Continue reading

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Anyone need a blanket from our blanket cabinet?

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Gimme Some Suga

Only a parent could be on the receiving end of an open mouthed, tongue out, teething-drool, tooth scratching kiss – and then ask for MORE kisses.

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Fun Fact: Christopher

Whenever we are at a park or playground, Christopher somehow ALWAYS finds an older child who is willing to be his servant. UPDATE: After Christopher fell down onto his head, then popped up laughing, the little boy came up to … Continue reading

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