I Said What?


When I was pregnant with Christopher, I imagined that each day would be filled with laughter and joy. Manners would come naturally to my child, I would not be humiliated ever.

When Christopher was a smiley, happy, only baby my thoughts didn’t change too much.

It goes without saying that things have changed.  This post is not about the shameful things that I have encountered, but more about the things I have said that I never knew would come out of my mouth:

“Christopher, please don’t lick my eyebrows.”

“Emmy! Stop eating the computer cord!”

“Chris, quit trying to tape up your sister.”

“Chris, you can’t tape yourself either. I think you have enough tape wrapped around your stomach.”

“Look at Emmy! She’s taking steps!” (Said to my not quite 9 month old)

“Oh my goodness, Emmy just pooped on the floor…”

“Christopher, I don’t CARE if she’s laughing – you can’t drag her around by her head.”

“Chris, sing the Apple Bottom Jeans song again!”

“Chris! You can’t pee right here in the middle of the Fishers Summer Concert.” (Side note: Exchange out the last three words for “baseball field” or “park” or “street” and that sentence has been said more times than you can imagine).

That is it for now…


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3 Responses to I Said What?

  1. Amy says:

    I so wish I’d kept a diary of all the strange things I’ve said to my kids, things that made perfect sense at the time.

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