Looking very sweet and innocent...

Emmy is teething, which means everything she sees goes into her mouth. Christopher somehow skipped the typical teething phase, so I am still not totally sure what to do with her.

What usually happens is someone says “What is Emmy chewing on?” And then we break open her tightly locked jaws wrangle out whatever object she has most recently discovered – from the FLOOR. Christopher even does routine “Anything in her mouth?” checks (I have a sweet boy).

So, to find a little humor in the situation – here is a list of some of the recent things we have found in her mouth:

  1. Mulch
  2. A sticker
  3. FOUR of Christopher’s fruit snacks
  4. Mulch, again
  5. A small piece of pretzel – THIS was a fight to get out
  6. A piece of carpet
  7. Honorable (but not scary) mentions go to: toys (specifically the pocket sized Woody the Cowboy doll that belongs to Christopher), books, her hand.

I have said it before, I am sure I’ll say it again (and again, and again) – this sweet little one is going to be the death of me!


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2 Responses to This Looks DELICIOUS

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    I especially like the guileless look on her face as things pop in and out of her mouth without any movement of her chin or lips. She’s like a little ventriloquist who does her best work as a mime.

  2. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    I also had a difficult time getting the rubber stopper that is on the end of those springy things (door stopper) How she figured out that those pull off I don’t know, and I was right there with her. I just happened to see her little hand in a fist, and got suspicious, and there was the rubber end cap. That would have been yummy. I think everyone should have at least one of those in their life time. She was getting ready to eat it.

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