Still A Baby

I posted yesterday that Emmy thinks she is a big girl now. WELL, in many ways this is true.

However, she is still a baby in that she insists on the occasional bottle.

See below as Em lives the good life – warm bottle, comfy pillow behind her head, big brother taking care of her…



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4 Responses to Still A Baby

  1. Margie says:

    Talk about 7th Heaven!! A truly precious moment.

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    I’ve heard people talk about “floating on a pink cloud” but Emmy seems to be doing exactly that!

  3. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    This is so sweet. He took time out from being a super hero to help feed “his” baby. Adorable.

  4. Kevin says:

    That might be the cutest picture I’ve ever seen and yes Kevin Buckner just said “cutest”

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