Note to Self: Never Forget How Cute He CAN Be

Christopher is at a very tough age – three. My little guy is made up of a wild mix of sweetness, questions, anger (aka: he talks back to me all the time), confidence, curiosity, fearlessness.  He is also a dash of attention starved, a touch jealous, and a lot of kindness.

To be honest, I sometimes (by “sometimes,” I mean “daily”) find myself on the verge of pulling my hair out.  Trying to reason with a three year old is like, well – trying to reason with a three year old.  However, he is also beyond sweet. To celebrate that sweetness, here are a few of the latest heart melting things he has said to me (note to self: refer to this post the next time my hair is in my hands, ready to come out):

– While I was holding a sleeping Emmy, he looked down at her, then up at me and said: “Oh Mama, she is sooooo beautiful.”

– “Mama?  Mama?  MA-MA!  Mama!” Me (with an irritated tone, of course): “What baby?!”  Bucky: “I love you.”

– Me, in a singsong tone: “I love being your MaaaaaaMa…”  Christopher, in the same tone: “And I love being your Chris-to-pher… (except he pronounces it like: “Kiss-toe-fur)”

– “Mama, I want to hold her hand while we eat our breakfast. Is that ok Mama?”


A close up of the sweet hand holding…


OK, those are just a few of the sweet things – but I know my boy, and I know he’ll have more sweet things to say everyday.


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4 Responses to Note to Self: Never Forget How Cute He CAN Be

  1. hey, try reading 1,2, 3 magic… it was a life savor for me when mine got like that. i think he should be old enough to try it out on. it will certainly nip that talking back and whining in the bud. by the way, i love your blog posts… they crack me up and at the same time reconfirm that motherhood was, is and will always be the toughest job i have ever had! 🙂

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    If I look closely enough, I can see your heart being held in those two little hands.

  3. Amy Magan says:

    It’s so great to take a moment to see with different eyes for a moment, isn’t it? Someday he’ll see this and feel even more loved.

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