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The Times, They Are A’Changing

What is my husband talking about? “We can pick up a 12 pack on the way to your mom’s house…” Beer? No. (I wish) He’s talking about getting a dozen ears of sweet corn from the Fishers Farmers Market. Advertisements

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Kiss Kiss

Emmy has an adorable new trick – she kisses on request. Big, open-mouthed, tongue out, sweet kisses. Today, she gave her buddy, Abbott, a kiss – and he didn’t even ask for one… We’re going to have to keep our … Continue reading

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Cecelia Marie O’Connor-Buckner

My college roommate, Katie, brought 2 kitties home one day. “I will take care of them, but can we keep them? Please?” “I don’t want cats Katie…” then I looked down at the orange kitty with her gorgeous Puss In … Continue reading

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Emmy is teething, which means everything she sees goes into her mouth. Christopher somehow skipped the typical teething phase, so I am still not totally sure what to do with her. What usually happens is someone says “What is Emmy … Continue reading

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Still A Baby

I posted yesterday that Emmy thinks she is a big girl now. WELL, in many ways this is true. However, she is still a baby in that she insists on the occasional bottle. See below as Em lives the good … Continue reading

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One of the Guys

Emmy is so desperate to be a big girl. She crawls, she walks (well, around furniture), she refuses to eat baby food. Today she insisted on playing basketball with her brother & some of his friends. Sweet, silly girl.

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Things I Dread

When driving down the road (with another 30 minutes to go & the diaper bag snuggled up in the trunk), the words you never want to hear are: “Uh oh Mommy, she’s got poop everywhere!” I always like to include … Continue reading

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