Lake Getaway

Sure, we may not have been able to actually get the fire started AND it happened to be the most time I have ever spent away from my babies (47 hours) – but the “2nd Annual No Boys Allowed” lake trip was fantastic because:

1) When you are with your oldest friends, showers just seem unnecessary (plus that lake water cleaned us up, right?).

Jenny, Lauren, Britt & The Three Sarahs

2) The raft may have been a battery drainer – but nothing is better than lounging on the water in a six person raft…

3) Tears turned into giggles and back into tears – all within a few minutes.

4) All that needed was a camera and a few pretty sunhats and we were entertained for hours.

5) We now have an awesome collection of photos to enjoy for years to come, non of which paint us in an unattractive light.

6) AND, most importantly – time spent, struggles shared, cookies eaten, wine sipped, laughter had, stars seen, friendships strengthened.

Thanks for a great trip ladies! 

Now I just need a bigger trailer so every girl I know can go up for a quick getaway…

All photos stolen from Lauren Klotz!  Thank you (and Jenny) for being the 2011 photographers. 🙂


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