Time Management

When I was working, I used to allot my time into percentages.  For example, about 30% went to social media, 30% went to publication writing, 30% went to the PR work, 10% went to random stuff.

I still think of my time in that way, but the activities have drastically changed.  Now it is 86% of my time is spent in a Robin cape, 14% of the time is me thinking up logical reasons why I shouldn’t have to wear the Robin cape.

Christopher’s day is easy – 100% of his waking hours are spent running/climbing/jumping. He is an excellent multi-tasker though, because also during this time he is telling me (notice I say “telling” – not requesting, not asking, TELLING) to wear a Robin cape (to match his Batman cape).

Emmy is also easy – when she is awake, 80% of her time is spent jumping IN her jumperoo, 18% of her time is spent trying to get INTO the jumperoo, 2% of her time is spent UNDER the jumperoo.



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One Response to Time Management

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    All-in-all, a pretty efficient way to spend the 48 hours that you have been given in your daily allotment..

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