Dear Christopher


You make me laugh everyday, and at the same time you make me want to pull the hair out of my head.  You keep me young, you keep me smiling, you definitely keep me on my toes.

When you do something naughty, you tilt your little head, look at me with those sparkly brown eyes and say “Sorry ’bout that Mama.” And my anger (almost) immediately washes away.

Every morning, we smile and quietly listen as you talk to your baby: “Good morning pretty girl…  You’re a good girl and you’re so gorgeous…”  Hearing you talk sweetly to your sister without our prompting makes us so proud.

I love watching you learn something new each day, I feel like you pick up new words and games all the time (even if we occasionally say words we regret).  I just wish that you would learn that you can’t just pull down your pants and pee wherever you’d like…




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3 Responses to Dear Christopher

  1. Mandee says:

    Hmm…I think you might be wrong Sarah…according to little boy law…I think you ARE allowed to whip it out and go anywhere your heart desires…just ask Jack. 🙂 ❤

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