Go Fish

My Aunt Betsy & Uncle Ron live in the country. They have a huge yard, a bench swing tucked under a gazebo and a large pond FILLED with fish. All these things make for Christopher’s (or any child’s) dreamland.

We went to visit today, and my Uncle Ron taught Christopher how to fish. Chris (with major assistance) cast a line and had a fish nibbling a few seconds later. He reeled it in (with minimal assistance) and squealed in excitement/fear/pride when the blue gill flopped out of the water.


Chris SAYS the fish was this big:


But it was really about 10 inches.


We all cheered for him: “Chris! You caught a fish, that is awesome!”

“Yeah, ok, put him back in the water…”

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2 Responses to Go Fish

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    This blog entry helped me remember the excitement that I felt when I caught my first fish. I’m glad that he wanted the bluegill to go back in the water. Was his wish granted?

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