Are We Going To Have to Separate You Two?!

Being nice, for now...

Christopher has a buddy, Easton.  They have always known and loved one another – Easton is five months older and was even waiting in the lobby with his mommy (my oldest friend, also named Sarah) while I was having Christopher.

Their official first meeting was sweet – it was when Christopher was a mere three days old, and Sarah and I eagerly discussed the magic that was their future, and inevitable, friendship.  “Baseball, sleepovers, best friends, one day they’ll be three and will love each other, playdates, blah blah blah.”

Back when they were little bitty babies and couldn't fight...

Well, they are now both three – and the magic is gone.  They FIGHT.  They don’t just play wrestle, it is full blown, knock-down, drag-out fighting.  Yelling, punching, hitting, teeth have even come out.

When we separate them, they both hysterically sob and say: “No, I want to play with him!”

“Well, then WHY do you fight?”

“Because we like to fight.”

Well, last night around eleven, Johnny and I heard yelling from Christopher’s room.  Johnny went in and checked on him.  Christopher was sound asleep, but was sitting up in his bed, throwing his blankets and pillows.  When he tried to talk to him, Chris started yelling “No Easton you CAN’T bite me!  I don’t love you idiot!”  Christopher then “fought”with Easton for a minute or two before quieting back down.

So, as it turns out, the fighting doesn’t stop – even when they are separated from each other and sound asleep.

P/S I am sure anyone who reads this will say “Well, quit getting them together.”  That is a logical thing to say, but they LOVE each other and beg to see each other.  It is a love/hate relationship that I hope they grow out of quickly.


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2 Responses to Are We Going To Have to Separate You Two?!

  1. Mandee says:

    They are true brothers! ❤

  2. Ron Buckner says:

    Very common and to be expected. They are almost like brothers you know.

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