OK, Let Me Be Honest

I think (hope) I make it totally clear that I love being a mom.  The little things delight me, the big things thrill me.  Sure, things annoy me (everyday), but I really love my kids.  However, there are a few things I miss about being childless.  Would I trade my children for these things?  Uh, depends on the day.  I kid, I kid.

So, not that anyone asked – but here is the list of things I miss most about life before kids – please feel free to add your own items in the comments section (unless you are my parents, then I know that you miss NOTHING about your life before children, right?  RIGHT!?  Again, I kid):

  • Normalcy – Until recently, I have never had anyone INSIST on eating dinner in the nude.
  • Privacy – Restroom visits, showers and clothing changes were activities I used to do without a live audience.
  • Sick days from work – Just last week, I was SICK.  Regardless of how the parents feel that day, kids still need you to eat, take potty breaks, play.  I used to be so flippant about days off from work: “Oh, I am so tired from all that uninterrupted sleep I got last night, I should call in today.  Yeah, I need a day.”
  • Sleep – until May 2008, no one regularly woke me up at 3 a.m.
  • My body – Ah, dear 22 year old Sarah, you were so skinny.  And toned.  I miss you.
  • Occasional public humiliation  – Whether it be dropping pants in an attempt to pee on a quaint yet busy street or a tantrum in the middle of Target, it happens.
  • I miss grown up tv shows – Before kiddos, I would spend (ok, WASTE) entire rainy Sundays on Tori Spelling Lifetime movies, and it was awesome.

OK, fine – that is it, the whole list (I think). Back to the babies!


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3 Responses to OK, Let Me Be Honest

  1. Mandee says:

    I miss being able to literally just run in and out of a store.

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