My Poor, Starving Girl


No matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – between bites of baby food, Emmy sucks on her high chair tray. It is like she is so desperate for food, she can’t bear to wait the three seconds it takes me to offer her another spoonful of food.

Does anyone else have a baby with quirky habits?

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2 Responses to My Poor, Starving Girl

  1. Mandee says:

    You’re able to feed Emmy? Like purees with a spoon? Hmmm. Wonder what that’s like. Graham would never allow a spoon into his mouth. He went straight to solid table foods at 7 months! And screams like he’s starving if you don’t get the food on his plate fast enough. He eats more than Jack these days.

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Yes – I have two – but since they are both able to read, I won’t embarrass them by publicly writing what their quirky habits are.

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