Christopher’s Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

This morning I sat in my living room, cup of coffee in my hand and a Superman cape on my back, and watched the Royal Wedding.

During the wedding, poor Christopher wiggled around on the floor, Batman cape on HIS back, and begged me to change the channel. “Please mama, let’s watch something we BOTH like, like Team Umizoomi…”

So when he wasn’t playing, coloring or wiggling – he gave me his thoughts on this momentous event (photos are from

“He is the prince? What’s he wearing red for?  Let’s do something else.”

“You want to watch a princess show?  We should watch Princess & the Frog.”

“Who is wearing the yellow hat?  Is SHE the new princess?”

“Aw man, what are they in church for? I have to watch a church show?”

“Why does she need to marry the red and blue man to be the new princess?”

“Look mama, a horse!  Are those nice or mean horses?”

“I like Umizoomi better.”

So there you have it – the innermost Royal Wedding thoughts of a three year old boy.


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One Response to Christopher’s Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

  1. Amy says:

    Adorable! Best coverage I’ve seen.

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