Angry Birds

Singing a wake up song to Christopher

Every night for the past few weeks, Christopher has asked me to tightly close his blinds before he goes to sleep.

“OK baby, why do you want these blinds shut this way?”

“So the birdies don’t get in…”

I thought he was just being silly, so I went along with it.  But every night he said the same thing “Close the blinds like this, I don’t want the birdies to get in…”

Then the other morning he said, “Mama, you close the curtains and the birdies still get in!”

“Really baby?  I don’t see any birdies in here…”

“No Mama, I try to sleep and they talk to me.  They talk like this ‘WAA WAA WAA.’  And I say ‘Go away birdies’ and they still come in and talk to me every morning! I not like those birdies while I sleep Mama.”

SO, how do I move a birds nest so that it isn’t in the tree right next to Christopher’s window?  (Only joking)


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