The Perfect Picture

On occasion, I will have a vision of a picture that I want of my two babies, and I won’t stop trying until I get the shot I have in my head.

This Easter I envisioned coordinating outfits (and who would have thought that, I usually tease people who match, and yet I found myself leaving the kids store with a bag of green and white clothing. And then I ended up matching them too). I also pictured sweet smiles and Christopher’s arm placed protectively over Emmy’s shoulder. Instead I got weirdo facial expressions, nose wiping, and red eyes.




And finally, something that is pretty good (pretend Emmy’s eyes aren’t red)!


And these are just pics of the two kids – so what about our actual family photo? Yeah, I forgot that Chris wasn’t wearing any pants when we posed for the shot.

Oh well, I guess the truth is out – we are wiggling, pants free, awkward smiling people – not matching, posing, normal eye color type of people.


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5 Responses to The Perfect Picture

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    Pretty cute in my book.

  2. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    This is so funny. I love your text and it fits perfectly with these pictures. So cute and funny!!!

  3. carolyn Frankel says:

    Your family is so adorable…and i love your writing!!!! I too always tried the matchy matchy and it always backfired….although i think those pics are great!!! Hope your Easter was happy! Carolyn

  4. Margie says:

    Too, too funny. And your story is so funny. What a couple of adorable characters. Glad to see you managed to get the pants on Christopher.

  5. Kevin Krieger says:

    Pictures are great Bill

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