Say WHAT? Round One

As a parent, I frequently find myself saying the most ridiculous things.  Whether the words flying out of my mouth are meant to comfort, amuse, or discipline – I often say things I NEVER imagined I would say.

Thankfully, my son is two (or as he has been saying lately, with three fingers firmly pointed in the air: “I be free on May Five”) and never seems to notice that what I have said (or sang) is not normal.  So today I will begin a new installment of posting the crazy things I have said as a parent.  Like, I said, these are things I never thought I would say (or, on occasion, sing – for a prime example, see “The Boobies Song“).

Today: “Christopher, quit laughing! Farts are not funny.”

Why didn’t I imagine saying this?  For two reasons.  The first, I am not a huge fart talker.  And second, I hate to lie – because no matter age, race, gender, size, shape, religion, sexual orientation – farts ARE in fact really funny.


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2 Responses to Say WHAT? Round One

  1. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    Maybe he (and you) would enjoy one of those cushions that make the sound of “farting” when you sit on it. I will get him one for his birthday….would you like that?

  2. Ron Buckner says:

    Unless they are from {I won’t tell his name but his initials are JB}. I think you would agree.

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