Relief, Love, Fear, Anger

I think that until you’ve had a toddler child (and then again when your toddler becomes a teenager), you never really understand what it is like to truly feel relief, love, happiness, anger, hatred and fear all at the exact same moment.  It is the worst, and best, feeling.

Case in point:  while vacationing on the lovely Amelia Island (in Florida, I highly recommend it), Christopher was acting out.  We were staying in an awesome beach house, so I took him to his room for a quick time out.  I went back to the living room, which was touching the room where he was having his time out.  A few minutes later, I went back to check on him.

He was gone.

I looked under the bed, in the closet, in his bathroom, the hallway, our bedroom.


I checked the kitchen, the balcony, the downstairs, the garage.


Now, Johnny was golfing with his friends, but luckily the wives of his friends were at the house with us (each with their own sweet baby girl).  Allison put down her baby and searched the house with me while I frantically dashed the house screaming lies such as: “It’s ok baby, I’m not mad.  If you come out now, you won’t be in a BIT of trouble!”

After six hours of searching (ok, FINE – it was only about three minutes, but those were the longest minutes of my life), I found Christopher casually walking up to the house from the beach.

Allison and Kelly said that the noise I made when I saw him was a frightening sound.  I explained that it is the primal noise that comes out from a mama when you want to hug, kiss and strangle your child all at the same time.

Anyone else have an escapee for a child?


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3 Responses to Relief, Love, Fear, Anger

  1. Mandee says:

    I have a runner. I lost him during a free day at the Children’s Museum. He was in a cave in dinsosphere. The other mom and I never saw him come out. I ran up to All Aboard frantically scanning the crowd for him. There’s people everywhere. Instead of looking alone I call for security immediately. By time security walked me back to the main floor the other mom called and said they had found him…running on the second level where the dragons are. And then there was the time at the Fishers’ Outdoor Concert series when we were sitting along a sidewalk and he went over to play with another dad and kids…or so I thought. The dad had no idea Jack was coming over to play…and where was Jack? Wondering along the sidewalk, with a giant bowl of grapes, watching some bigger kids play tag about 50 yards from us…

    You’d think I’d learn my lesson and leash the kid!

    • BucknerBlog says:

      Oh my goodness, losing them in crowded public places is the WORST! Did you have Graham then? Do you just lug him around while you dash around, looking for Jack? Was Jack ever looking for you or did he just assume all was right in the world? BOYS!

      And Chris ran from me at the Children’s Museum once too. He was almost 2, we were at the Bob the Builder Exhibit. I blinked, he was gone. I raced, searched, scanned, yelled. My friend Sarah looked out in the hallway and saw him STRUTTING into the Dinosphere. AAH. I talked to security another time and told them my story – they said that a child has NEVER left the building, so that makes me feel good.

      • Mandee says:

        My neighbor works for the Children’s Museum…she’s told me loads of stories about lost children/parents there…and she said they are fantastic so that gives me some hope! I did have Graham both times. Jason was with us at the concert so he had Graham then and the other mom kept Graham in the stroller with her other two while I ran to find Jack. When we hooked back up she actually had Jack by the arm because he was trying to run away AGAIN! He was writhing on the floor trying to get away from her…she apologized for having him by the arm…I told her at that point I didn’t care if she had him around the neck! LOL!

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