The Challenge

On the days when I am really exhausted and out of inventive things to do with Christopher (so, um, everyday), I play the Challenge Game. The Challenge Game is simple, we basically dress Chris up in all of his superhero clothes, I sit at the Superhero Headquarters Office (“Superhero Headquarters Office” is a fancy way of saying “couch.”) and he saves the world.

“SuperBucky – do you see that over there?  There is a policeman stuck under a car.  Only you, SuperBucky, have the super strength to lift the car and save the policeman.  Are you up for the challenge?”

“Yea Mama, yea!”

“OK, ready, set, go SuperBucky, GOOOO!”

SuperBucky then runs off to save the policeman/fireman/zookeeper/teacher.  We sometimes play this game for hours – but it works for us, he is running around and using his imagination, but I am NOT running.

The only problem with this great game?  A few days ago, when I was rushing to get us all out the door, we had the following conversation:

“Christopher – come downstairs! We have hurry up, it is time to go to pre-school!”

“No mama, I not go to school, I not up for that challenge.”


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2 Responses to The Challenge

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    You probably didn’t know that the Super Mama outfit consisted simply of sweat pants, sweat shirt, and a tired look; and further, that there were so many Super Mamas active in the world – saving it one child at-a-time.

  2. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    i can just hear him saying that to you. That is such a Christopher comment……..I love it!!! He is so sweet.

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