What Is Yours Is MINE, Part 2

I have posted before that Christopher has had issues with the fact that what belongs to the baby isn’t really for his personal use. We usually just let him play with whatever he is interested in, and then he’ll go back to his stuff.

Well, the other day I was cleaning the upstairs.  As I was cleaning, I was listening to Christopher play.  I could hear toys jingle and his little voice talk to Buzz Lightyear.  But when I came back downstairs, I saw the latest example of him enjoying his baby sisters things…

Turns out he has no trouble of regularly climbing in and out of Emmy's exersaucer...


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One Response to What Is Yours Is MINE, Part 2

  1. Karl says:

    Good news – he’s very inquisitive. Bad news – again, he’s very inquisitive…

    Love those kiddos.

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