Torture Time


When your baby arrives, you are told you must put them onto their tummies for a little while each day. Tummy time, as the docs call it, gives them back, neck, shoulder strength. It is the position they need to be in in order to learn how to roll & crawl. Yet the docs never mention that the babies hate tummy time and scream their tiny heads off for the duration… for this reason, I have officially changed Tummy Time to “torture time.”

I have included a picture of a fleeting moment of happiness during todays torture time…


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2 Responses to Torture Time

  1. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    She has absolutely hated TT since I can remmber (it is has been so long ago, at least 3-4 months) and has screamed the whole time and squirmed around like she is trying to get away. Soon she will be rolling from her back to her tummy, then you will be constnatly rolling her back. I am surprised she hasn’t rolled from her back to her tummy yet….she is basically all the way over, except her little arm in the way. What a baby doll.

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Babies doing hard tummy time resemble turtles out of their shells – they’re vulnerable, not making any headway and can’t see anything worth looking at.

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