The Pros and Cons of Staying Home

My Tiny Employees

When we were making the decision on whether on not I should go back to work, we made countless pros/cons lists.  Everyday gave us a new plus and new minus to add to the list – but I knew that I had no idea on the good and bad until I made the official decision.  SO, now that I’ve been home for a while, here is my revised list:

Pro – I get to be with my kiddos all day, everyday. I didn’t miss Emmy’s first roll, and I get to see them play, smile, cry, laugh.

Con – I’m with my kiddos all day, everyday.  The pros to that are mentioned above, but the negative is that I sometimes need a moment to clean the kitchen or talk on the phone – and kids aren’t always willing to give you a moment.

Pro – I have tons of time to work out, clean the house, do laundry.

Con – By the end of the day, I am FAR too exhausted to work out, clean the house or do laundry.

Pro – The morning routine is so much more relaxed.  We now get out of bed at 7:15-7:30, well after the time when I was already out the door and on the way to work.

Con – My “work” is 24/7.  It wakes me up in the middle of the night, it needs my full attention even after 5 p.m., doesn’t care if I am really sick and goes on vacation with me.  That and I miss running a quick errand, all by myself, during lunch.

Pro – I am learning to cook!  Granted, Johnny still makes most meals, and if I DO cook he has to talk me through whatever it is that I am making, but I never even attempted to make a dinner until recently.

Con – Um, sometimes my cooking is not awesome.  But hey, I’m learning!

Pro – I don’t have to stick to a business casual wardrobe.

Con – Because I have no reason to wear more than half of the clothing in my closet, I mainly wear pants that have elastic waistbands.  Oh how I miss my clothes…

Pro – My babies are only babies for a short period of time.  I had the absolute coolest job in the whole world, but now I get to really participate in their lives as they quickly grow up.

Con – I can no longer take credit for the good and place blame on the bad.  “Yeah, he is a genius, we worked hard on teaching those ABCs…”  Or “Oh he hit?  That darn daycare!”  Ha, but in all honesty, I have lost the amazing guidance of Miss Alyson, Miss Mindy & Miss Christie – three ladies that know kids more than anyone in the world and taught me what to do with Christopher.

So that is my list!  To anyone who is struggling with whether or not they should stay home – I should say that it is much easier to be a working mom.  You have time to yourself, time for your kids and family, a paycheck, and an identity outside of “mom” (I feel so awkward when I have to fill out “occupation” on any kind of application).  That said, easier isn’t always better.


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2 Responses to The Pros and Cons of Staying Home

  1. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    I clearly remember thinking when you both were little, that I looked forward to going to work–to rest. Seriously, being a nurse is VERY hard physical and mental work, but it was much easier to go to work than stay at home, which is absolutely exhausting, I don’t know of a job that is more difficult!!!!

  2. Bill O'Connor says:

    Great list of pros and cons. Choosing to stay at home was a significant life choice for yourself, for Johnny, and for the kids. When I’ve made similar choices in the past, I’ve found that no matter what I expected to happen and no matter what was the basis for my choice, things always turned out differently (and usually better) than I expected.

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