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My favorite sound in the whole world is that of my baby (girl or boy) laughing.  Bonus points if it is Johnny or me who made them laugh… My second favorite noise ever?  The sound of their peaceful breathing (or … Continue reading

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The Challenge

On the days when I am really exhausted and out of inventive things to do with Christopher (so, um, everyday), I play the Challenge Game. The Challenge Game is simple, we basically dress Chris up in all of his superhero … Continue reading

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Who Needs Toys?

Who needs toys when you have an empty wrapping paper roll?  Over the past few days, this roll has been a bat, a telescope, a microphone, a telephone, a drumstick (sadly, Emmy’s head was the actual drum – luckily he … Continue reading

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What Is Yours Is MINE, Part 2

I have posted before that Christopher has had issues with the fact that what belongs to the baby isn’t really for his personal use. We usually just let him play with whatever he is interested in, and then he’ll go … Continue reading

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Last night around 9, Johnny said “I wish the Butler game wasn’t on so late, I’m not going to watch it, no one will be able to.” 10:15 p.m. “I’m just going to watch a few minutes of it, ok?” … Continue reading

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I love when parents become grandparents. Here is the latest example of why: I’m visiting my Mom & Karl (aka PapaKarlos). We were putting in our dinner order and I said: “I would really like to pay for the dinner … Continue reading

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Torture Time

When your baby arrives, you are told you must put them onto their tummies for a little while each day. Tummy time, as the docs call it, gives them back, neck, shoulder strength. It is the position they need to … Continue reading

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