Three months ago, we rocked Christopher’s world. Here is this baby – oh & we’re bringing her home… 

Chris has had many normal issues that have driven me crazy – backslides in potty training, random public fits, learning (and using) the word “Idiot” (Toy Story 3) – but now he has an issue that I think is cute.

I brought the high chair out out storage to scrub it down. The same high chair he refused to sit in when he was about 14 months old. He now insists on sitting in it for every meal….


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4 Responses to Adjustments

  1. Amy says:

    Too funny! I saw the picture and thought “why in the world is she putting that big boy in a high chair?” Now I know. Love it.

  2. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    He is so little, he does’t understand what happened or why. At the same time, he is so protective of her. Next problem–maybe he will leave cabinet doors open and it will drive her nuts!!!

  3. Bill O'Connor says:

    I have my favorite books, movies, people, and places that I never grow tired of, and some of them stretch back to my childhood. When I’m reminded of them, I like to – at least metaphorically speaking – try them on again. I prefer to think that he is having a fit of nostalgia rather than backsliding.

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