Things I’ve Heard Recently…

Here are a few little things I have heard lately that really stuck with me in some way – made me laugh, smile or just think!

I recently heard the Colts Chaplin, Ken Johnson, speak at Heartland Church.  He had a TON to say, but here are the two things he said that stood out:

Quote #1, on the Superbowl: “If it’s the greatest game ever played, why are they going to play it again next year?”

Quote #2, on the secret to marriage: “You can leave if you want, but pack two bags – cause I’m coming with you!”

“Ten years ago on a Saturday night, we would have ran into each other in Broad Ripple – not at Monkey Joe’s.”  Mike Carlson, just a bit ago (we ran into the Carlson Family at Monkey Joe’s bouncey house).

“Aaaagoo.”  Emmy Lou Lou Bear Buckner

“Funny how we can watch this and eat sushi at the same time.”  My Dad, while watching Finding Nemo.


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3 Responses to Things I’ve Heard Recently…

  1. Jessica Bertelson says:

    D goes to daycare at Heartland Church! It is an amazing daycare!

  2. Amy says:

    Those baby coos are the best! Sushi/Nemo comes in second.

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