What’s Mine Is Yours…

We’re trying to teach Christopher that it is important for him to share his things, and that if he shares others will share with him.

Well, when it comes to his baby sister, he is taking the fact that she should share with him to a whole new level…


Hmm, this looks like a cozy seat for a little tube watching...


I think I'll lay down here for a quick rest (he snuck out of his bed during nap time & we found him sound asleep in her crib)...


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4 Responses to What’s Mine Is Yours…

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    It looks like the struggle for acceptance continues.

  2. ashley says:

    He is so precious! He just loves his baby sister…

  3. Barbara Ahlrichs says:

    So sweet. Love this, he still is a baby. He still sleeps in the same position that he did when he was really little, cute.

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