Here She Is…

Watching beauty pageants is a long standing tradition for the ladies in my family.  We begin discussing possible winners weeks in advance of the show, we call each other during commercial breaks and yes, we sometimes wear silly tiaras.

Well, last night started the televised pageant season with the 2011 Miss America competition. Many of you may be asking (ok, I bet no one is asking this) “What is the difference between Miss America and Miss USA?” The easy answer to this question is:  Miss America has a talent portion and only a handful of boob jobs (no pun intended), Miss USA has higher heels, smaller bikinis and they don’t bother messing with silly things like “talent.”

In honor of Emmy’s first pageant, we had a photo shoot to demonstrate the different categories of Miss America:


“Fitness” is just a fancy way to say “the bikini part.”  Above, Emmy is showcasing her fitness attire (she is not yet a bikini owner).

Evening Gown

Made of white fleece, Emmy’s evening gown keeps her nice and warm and snuggly, while still showing off her girlish figure.


For the talent portion, Emmy decided to sing the smash hit “The Boobies Song.”

The Crowing Moment

Emmy is the winner!  She was so overwhelmed with emotion that she snoozed out as soon the crown was placed on her tiny head…


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One Response to Here She Is…

  1. Bill O'Connor says:

    She’s an obvious winner!

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