My Two Addictions

Starbucks/Target photo found online

OK, so I like what I like, and I indulge in the things that I like. I guess I just didn’t realize how often I frequently I indulge, but Christopher reminded me…

First addiction – The Super Target in Fishers. Seriously – that place has EVERYTHING.  Make up, movies, groceries, cheap clothes, kids toys and baby pajamas – love it.  Every time we visit Target (aka “The Holy Land”), I promise Christopher that if he is a good boy and behaves himself, he we can have a cookie.

Well, Christopher is going to school part time while I am on leave.  The other day, my mom was kind enough to pick Christopher up and bring him home.  On their drive, they passed by Target.

As they passed by, Christopher called out: “Look Gandma Barbala, it’s Target!  My mommy is in there right now.”

My mom: “She is?”

Christopher: “Yeah, she’s buying me cookies.”

Second Addiction: Over the holiday break, Johnny & I had a few errands to run.  Christopher is not a fan of shopping, so let him know it would be a quick trip out – we only had a few places to go.

To this, he said: “Quick trip? We just go to Target and to Star Books?”

“Star Books?”

“Yeah, we go to Star Books and get coffee?”

I guess I go there a lot…  Oddly enough, there is a Starbucks inside the Super Target.

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