2010-Year In Review

2009 was a tough year – we spent the year on a roller coaster ride, so we knew that 2010 would be the year things settled down.  Little did we know that it would turn out to be one of the best years of our lives!

January 2010 Highlights

We rang in the New Year in Key West where we surrounded by family, great seafood, yummy drinks, a heated pool in the backyard and sunny skies.

January 2010 Highlights, continued…

While we were in Florida, our cousin Kelly, her husband Shane & their son Logan welcomed the pretty little ladies, Hope & Ella, into their family. They are sweet, smiley and gorgeous!

February 2010 Highlights

February 2 was a great day – my gorgeous nephew, Abbott Jeremiah, entered the world!  He is such a sweet, happy boy and it is grand to have him in our lives.

March 2010 Highlights

Two great things happened in March – the first is the birth of beautiful Josie Dale. She is a sweet little girl & it has been so fun watching her grow.

The second exciting event was finding out we were expecting.  We were a bundle of nerves when we saw the positive pregnancy test, but it was still a thrill.

April 2010 Highlights

Thursday, April 15 – I went to the doctor for my early ultrasound. I mentioned I was a bundle of nerves, and those nerves were in overdrive for the appointment.  I waited anxiously until I saw the little blip on the screen – the healthy heartbeat. Tears poured down my cheeks as the tech told me that baby couldn’t be healthier or stronger.  It was the news I had been waiting over a year to hear – my baby was perfect.





May 2010 Highlights

Christopher turned two! We celebrated with a week of parties, cake, balloons and gifts.




June 2010 Highlights

The lake! This was the first month we were really able to enjoy our lake trailer and new pontoon boat.  We spent many weekends this summer floating around on the water, teaching Bucky how to swim & dreaming about the Baby Girl on the way.


July 2010 Highlights

Tuesday, July 6 – we found out that we were having a baby girl! Within days, we had a powder pink nursery, tiny clothes hanging in the closet and a growing list of girly names…





July 2010 Highlights, continued

A few days after finding out we were having a girl, we headed off to Washington DC and had a fun, memorable family vacation.  I think Johnny saw EVERY monument, and Christopher slept through each museum we visited.



August 2010 Highlights

Since the summer of 2005, we’ve been going to Lake Chapman with our friends Sarah & DJ.

(Year 1 of the boys picture, August 2008)

In 2008, two new people joined us on our annual lake trip – Easton & Christopher. We decided to take pictures of the boys in the same spot, on the same towel, each August – to mark their progress.

(Year 2, August 2009)

This year was no exception – we spent a long August weekend at the lake (and in our new lake trailer!), and made sure to take a moment to snap a photo of the two boys.

In 2011, we’ll have two more babies to photograph (Abbott & Emmy)!

(Year 3, 2010)

September 2010 Highlights

The photo to the left is just a sweet picture taken on September 15.

The highlight for the month was the early birthday party that was thrown for me. It was a great night of girlfriends, food & games. Thank you to my friends!


October 2010 Highlights

October was a really fun, busy month for us. Johnny turned 30, and to celebrate we had a big backyard bash with friends, family and a delicious chili cook-off (a winner was never officially selected).




October 2010 Highlights, continued

Also in October, my friends Kori & Kevin got married – we had a fantastic time at their wedding (In fact, we had so much fun that I ended up being a designated driver to several people).



October 2010 Highlights, continued

Also in October, we took a weekend to visit my Dad & Margie in Cleveland. What a trip! We hung out at a pumpkin patch, the Children’s Museum, and “Boo at the Zoo.” The kiddos dressed up in their Halloween costumes & we saw all the animals. It was great!



November 2010 Highlights

November is a great month to be born! On November 13, our cousin Lori & her husband, Ben, welcomed their daughter, Lucy.



November 2010 Highlights, continued

Also born – our baby EMMY! Weighing in at 8 pounds even, Emily Nicole Buckner’s November 21 arrival was the highlight of our year (it was also nice to give her an official name, instead of just “Baby Heart“).


December 2010 Highlights

Christmas! It was a joy to watch Christopher open presents, to dress Emmy up in pretty dresses and to spend time with family.

Oh and I, too, turned 30. Boo.


December 2010 Highlights, continued

We ended the year in Lafayette at the wedding of our friends Marc & Sara. We are so happy for them and look forward to seeing what the new year brings the new couple – congrats!




HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We look forward to seeing what is in store for our loved ones in 2011…

What were your 2010 highlights? Share in the comments section below!


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2 Responses to 2010-Year In Review

  1. Jessica says:

    Congrats on such an amazing year! I love reading your blog and def is very uplifting. I also had an amazing year with a beautiful healthy little girl who is a ball of energy. She is a joy to watch and I love every moment. The last few months have been a sad time for me with trying to conceive baby #2 but with ringing in the new year I hope to be able to say in 2011 I am pregnant with my 2nd child. Thanks again for sharing!!!

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