The Lou

My gorgeous Lou on Christmas morning

I love silly nicknames and singsongs and rhyming…  So, keeping that in mind, here is the thought process of the random way I have landed on the nicknames for my brand new, beautiful, baby girl.

Emily Nicole Buckner is called Emmy.  Because of Emmy Lou Harris, I started calling her Emmy Lou.

One of Christopher’ nicknames is “Baby Bear,” so I had to keep the Bear name in the family.  Therefore, Emmy Lou somehow became “Emmy Emmy Lou Lou Bear.”

“Emmy Emmy Lou Lou Bear” is a mouthful, and while we still frequently use it – it was quickly shortened to LouLee.  What rhymes better with “LouLee” than “Patchouli?”  So she is now called “LouLee Patchouli Oil” – OR, if we’re in a real hurry, she is simply known as “The Lou.”

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