Christmas 2010 – Public Humiliation

The following post is why we had a “mostly” perfect Christmas...

Christmas Eve.  Our family is large and took up the entire third pew of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Anderson.  Johnny’s parents were surrounded by friends eager to see Christopher and Emmy, and were waving their hellos from various spots throughout the now standing room only church.  Dressed to kill in his brand new suit and tie, Christopher began the Christmas Eve Mass in good spirits.

And then we ran out of fruit snacks.

He began his tirade with a few wiggles and a stern “NO THANK YOU” to one of the waving friends.  “I’m grumpy!” was shouted to Aunt Mary Ann when she attempted to hold him.

He knows that announcing “I need to pee pee potty” will grant him freedom from any situation, so he made several trips to the restroom.  On the journey back from one of these many trips, he ran up the stairs and in the direction of the Priest, while squealing with glee.

Mid-mass, I decided to display tough love.  This lasted only a moment, as he attempted to bite me (luckily his attempt was merely teeth to skin, without actually clamping down).

I picked him up at one point and he brought the front of my skirt with him.  As previously mentioned, we were in the 3rd pew, so the entire church got an extra special Christmas show – courtesy of me.

Sympathic looks of “Oh, I remember when my little one was 2…” were descended upon me.

Towards a very quiet moment at the end of the mass (was it just me, or was the Priest talking extra fast to hurry us Buckners out of there?), Christopher pointed to Grandma.  “You’re not nice!” Then to Uncle Kevin. “You’re NOT NICE!” Then Grandpa. Then Daddy, Mommy.  Followed by a “AND YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE! AAGH!!!!”

We raced out of there – but on the way out, Johnny swears he saw a look from his 2nd grade teacher that said “Ah, good – he’s getting what he gave…”


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5 Responses to Christmas 2010 – Public Humiliation

  1. Ashley says:

    This cracks me up. The things we get to look forward too. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Jessica says:

    OMG this is hilarious!!! I just know that will be my child as well she is already very strong willed! But it def makes for funny stores in the future!

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