Glass Slippers

Last night, I took the kids grocery shopping with me at Target. We obviously ended up doing a lap through the shoe section.

“Mommy! Look at these heels! I want heels!”

“Emmy, I love your love of shoes, but they don’t have any baby girl heels here. They have girl tennis shoes, you want those?”

“Yes they do. I can find heels.”

Like a moth to a flame, Emmy was suddenly reaching behind boxes and pulling out the only toddler size 9 high heeled shoe in all of Target. “See mommy, they have Cinderella shoes.” Seconds later she had them on her feet and was posing in front of the mirror.

I put her in her sparkle converse for school, but when I dropped her off, this is what I found:

Yeah, she has on two different socks.

Yeah, she has on two different socks.

"My teachers will say 'Oh Emmy, you look just like Cinderella.'"

“My teachers will say ‘Oh Emmy, you look just like Cinderella.’”

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Saturday Was the Day for Ballet

Emmy believes many things. First, she believes that she will be five at her next birthday. She just does not see the need for the age of four and wants to skip ahead to her brother’s age. Two, she absolutely believes she is Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen. Finally, she knows she was born to dance. Since I can’t (and wouldn’t if I could) make her skip her fourth year, and I am not sure how to turn her into an ice queen, I decided to make her dream of dance come true. So Saturday, we danced.

She was petrified at first….


…but after a few minute long warm up (and seeing one of her girly friends from church), Emmy was the happiest she has ever been.


Warm up!





Practicing her graceful leaps

Practicing her graceful leaps

Emmy loved ballet. When I asked her at the end of class if she wants to go back she said “Oh yes mommy…” she shook her hips and said “and I want to wear a black swimsuit!”

For faithful readers, you might recall that Emmy went through  phase where she KNEW she was a real doctor. That has passed, and being a Ballerina Elsa has taken over.

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This Weekend…

The weekend was simple & easy, here is a quick recap.

Friday was Dr. Suess Day at Christopher’s school. Chris insisted on going as the Grinch.


Saturday morning, Emmy took her very first ballet class.


After ballet, we went to watch our friend Danica cheer. Emmy’s eyes never left Danica. “Mommy, those cheerleaders are so beautiful…”


Here are both kiddos, running wild…


We hung out with my family on Sunday. Chris snuggled me, Emmy snuggled up to Uncle Paul.



And then, long after bedtime I went to check on them, and this is how they were found: curled up in the tightest little snuggle ball you ever did see..


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Let It Go

Like all little girls, Emmy is obsessed with the movie Frozen. She truly believes she is Queen Elsa, frozen touch and all.

Yesterday she ripped off her coat, spun around in a circle, and said “I’m not cold mama, I’m Elsa – and the cold never bothered me anyway.”

Well… Okay then.

(Non Frozen fans should know that “the cold never bothered me anyway” is an Elsa quote)

Here she is, spinning & singing…


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“Butt I Drew You a Picture!”

Christopher wasn’t feeling great the other night, so I had him lie down earlier than normal and handed him my kindle so that he could color. He colored for a while, then fell asleep. I picked up the Kindle a little bit later and just tossed it into my purse.

Just now, at work, I turned my Kindle on to see if I needed to charge it. I found his artwork instead…


He drew an actual butt and then, just to clear up any possible confusion (“Awe, is that a heart?”), he wrote out “BUTT” underneath the drawing. Part of me was proud of him for adding that second T, the other cracked up laughing at his silly boyness.

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Sleeping Like A Baby…. STILL.

When Christopher and Em were newborns, I remember thinking “this won’t last forever, soon they’ll sleep through the night…” I eagerly clung to the bright future of uninterrupted sleep. Well, here is what the last two nights have been like…

Sunday, 11:45 pm: I heard Emmy chatting with someone. I went to check on her, she was just sleep talking.

Middle of the night, 12:30 a.m: “Daddy? Where’s my headband? I need my hair bow.” I walk out and find Emmy sleepwalking in circles and looking for her sparkly headband. I put it on, tucked her into bed, went back to sleep.

3 a.m: Emmy climbs into bed with me, I am too tired to move her out, so I pretend I don’t notice.

3:47 a.m: kick, kick, kick. Dang it, I should have moved her back to her bed.

5 a.m: I hear Christopher’s voice… “Mommy, I just throwed up in my bed.”

6 a.m: My alarm goes off for the day.

Last night was fairly similar…

11:30 p.m: I hear little boy wailing. I run to his bed, assuming he is about to throw up again. Nope it was nothing, he was still asleep.

12:30 a.m: A blanket was lost and rediscovered.

4:30 a.m: Christopher’s voice again… “Mommy, what time is it?” He was sleep talking, so I didn’t answer.

5:15 a.m: Emmy remembered the night before when I didn’t move her and slept walked right back to my bed.

6 a.m: Alarm.

No wonder I’m ready for bed by 9 p.m every night!

Sleeping like a baby...

Sleeping like a baby…

So peaceful...

So peaceful…

Sometimes, when they sleep, I think they look so sweet and cute - I have to keep myself from waking them up and covering them with kisses...

Sometimes, when they sleep, I think they look so sweet and cute – I have to keep myself from waking them up and covering them with kisses…

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What’s For Dinner?

My kids go through weird food phases, where they want one thing for every meal. Right now, all they want is turkey dogs.

“Do you want me to make tacos?”
“NO, hot dog.”
“Peanut butter & jelly?”
“Hot dog.”
“I can make chicken or fish?”
“Pizza rolls?” (Emmy always hopefully throws out pizza rolls as a viable option)
NO, no pizza rolls.”
“OK, hot dog.” “Yeah, hot dog!”
UGH, fine. Hot dogs all around.
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